Fear Not

Fear Not

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Psalm 75 tells us:

1. God knows His people and those who are not.

2. God will judge at the time He chooses.

3. When all the earth and people quake at the seemingly unparalleled wickedness that gives the appearance that evil is taking over, GOD holds the pillars of the earth FIRM.

4. God warns the wicked and will bring them down.

5. God lifts up the horns of the righteous, his children.

Believers need not worry or even give much time to bad news and reports of evil. God is not surprised by anything that may look to be hopeless in the natural realm, or as seen with our human eyes.

We can be assured that God has overcome evil and He will bring the wicked down. We can be sure of it, because God said so.

If you dare to believe that God’s Word is true, then dare to believe that you can trust Him on this.


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  1. Coppi Reed

    Love your teaching. Coppi Reed

  2. Coppi Reed

    Love your teaching. Reminds me of Fuschia Pickett, who is now deceased. She was one of my favorite teachers. I sat under her tutherledge for 3 years.

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